27 Random 140 Character Thoughts

* ACORN needs to be destroyed, if only to prove that connected liberals still have to obey the law like the rest of us.

* After having been lazy for a couple of days, I think I finally see what the lazy people see. It’s quite relaxing.

* There is no such thing as “proving your worth.” Every day you have to prove yourself all over again.

* I admire my dog’s willingness to plunge into a small space, in complete darkness, because he knows there’s a cat in there

* If you have so much to say that you send out 5-6 emails a day, you should be blogging, not doing an email list.

* Caring more about your ethnicity than your country shows a lack of character, decency, and patriotism.

* Often times, liberal cries of “racism” in politics are just another way of saying “look over there.”

* It’s not extreme effort that wins over a lifetime; it’s the consistent application of a high level of effort.

* No matter how strong and determined a flower is, it still needs sunshine and water to grow.

* Somebody told me to call him when I am done. I’m never really done. I’m just doing different stuff.

* J.D. Hayworth is capable of beating John McCain in next year’s Republican primary. I hope he runs.

* How does the economic recovery really get going when businesses are paralyzed w/ fear over what the gov’t may do?

* The idea that manmade global warming is occurring is driven by liberal politics and control of purse strings, not science

* There’s no person or group that deserves more than a tiny bit of credit for the Tea Party movement othr than Ric Santelli

* Anyone who says Obamacare won’t explode the deficit is either ignorant or has no qualms about lying to you.

* The Southern Poverty Law Center is a dishonest left-wing hack group & what they say can’t be taken at face value.

* Nelson Mandela has said so many stupid things publicly; : it’s hard to believe him sounding like a wise man in Invictus.

* Important life rule #543: If you have enough pretty women involved in something, everything else will fall into place.

* All we can really ask for in life is the freedom to make informed decisions & the ability to live with the consequences.

* Christians once risked prison & death to speak out. Today, Christians are too afraid of a PC tongue lashing to speak up.

* The socialists have gotten Obamacare this far – but there’s many a slip twixt the cup & the lip – & they need another 60.

* “How is it that one man can cause such devastation?” | I’d like to have that said about me one day.

* I didn’t support Rudy for President, but I can get REALLY excited about his taking on Kirsten Gillibrand in 2010.

* So the chick in Twilight goes from dating a vampire to dating a werewolf? She’s kind of a monster ho, isn’t she?

* A Republican can’t endorse a Dem in a race & expect conservatives or the GOP to treat him like anything but a traitor.

* I hope Obama does try to push an amnesty with unemployment over 10%. It will be a political bloodbath for the Dems.

* Political Hackery 101: When you can’t defend on the merits, attack to distract.

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