My 25 Fave 140 Character Thoughts For June

* Diet soda “makes you fat” for the same reason anti-depressants “cause” suicide. Hint: Correlation isn’t causation.

* You don’t find yourself so much as you create yourself.

* If there are enough people who’ll buy anything, then you can be sure that eventually someone will come along and sell it

* The merit of an idea and the charisma of the people pushing it are often completely unrelated concepts.

* Intelligent people gone wrong do much more damage to the world than stupid people.

* When people can’t deal with the major issues in their life, they often become obsessive about minutiae as a distraction.

* You might as well accept that you are where you are, it is what is, and you gotta do what you gotta do.

* A good song either makes you feel something, makes you want to move, or reminds you of a woman.

* People don’t dislike you because you’re “intelligent” or “cultured,” they dislike you because they think you’re a creep.

* It’s weird to hear women claim that women cheat less than men. I mean, who are the guys cheating with? Women! Duh!

* I don’t like movies where aliens are ready to kill us until they understand love. Love is so irrational it would probably terrify them more.

* It’s much better to go the right way down a long, difficult road than to skip down a short, pleasant path that goes in the wrong direction.

* Dear industry — I’m tired of the quirky, but supposedly likable spokespeople in your ads. Stop please! One consumer.

* At this point, it doesn’t matter so much where you are as what you’re going to do about it.

* If Dick Durbin is right and illegals are America’s future, then our future is national suicide.

* All Meggie Mac columns in a single tweet: Angry because someone called her fat, telling someone to kiss her ass, ZZZZZZ inbetween. Repeat

* Just remember: The Left has two major memes they’ll push for viable GOP POTUS candidates: Crazy and Stupid.

* I think Bachmann & Palin would do better with women voters if they were less attractive. For obvious reasons. Discuss.

* There should never be a time where an illegal is captured by the government and released before being deported

* Ideologically, liberals today are closer to Lenin than they are to John F. Kennedy.

* So, how’s the “Coffee Party” doing these days? Have they eclipsed the Tea Party yet?

* I agree that cutting spending won’t create jobs short term. But spending the country into bankruptcy isn’t working either

* The Democratic Party only has two modes these days: Destroying America and trying to prevent anyone else from saving it

* A “pro-abortion church” is a contradiction in terms.

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