My 25 Favorite Tweets From October

— If you think bankers make an “unfair” amount of money, then the simple solution would seem to be to become a banker.

— I’m opposed to the gov’t giving ANYBODY, protesters, jobless, students, banks, corporations, etc more of our money than they already get

— What #OWS can learn from the Tea Party: 1) Bathe 2) Have a job 3) Don’t crap in the street 4) Don’t get arrested 5) Commies & Nazis suck

— A woman asked for advice for dressing for guys. Here it is: If you dress slutty, expect to be treated slutty. Just wear something you like

— I want to write a self-help book called, “Life is hard, people are jerks, & most of your issues are self-created bullsh*t. Get used to it!”

— There’s nothing noble about making excuses for people’s ignorance or lack of civilized behavior.

— Contrary to what most people think, most evil is done by people who don’t think what they’re doing is evil.

— There are fortunate people and “charmed lives,” but there are no easy lives. Everybody has problems.

— Unhappiness tends to make you self-centered because if you aren’t happy, it’s hard to truly think of other people’s needs.

— The Big Bang Theory practically begs for the suggestion that a higher power set it in motion.

— Actually, fast & steady wins the race. It’s just that you usually have to start at slow & steady to ever become fast and steady.

— Being on a reality show is a pretty good indication that something’s seriously wrong w/ you. People who are stable don’t make good TV

— It’s a mistake to confuse being an ass with being tough or even worse, with being effective.

— As a consumer, let me just note that ads featuring beta husbands being pushed around by their wives does not make me want to buy things.

— The “Southern Strategy” was nothing more than a way for the GOP to try to bring in Southerners. The idea that it was racist is untrue.

— I’d back the Israelis 100 % if they assassinated the people offering to pay money if Israeli soldiers are kidnapped.

— I think that continued US foreign aid to Egypt should be contingent on better treatment of Christian Copts in the country.

— The most effective way to reduce the power of Wall Street to cheat the system is to reduce the power of government.

— No politician in his right mind would try to reform Social Security and Medicare for purely political reasons.

— Barack Obama has gone from being a living Hallmark Card in 2008 to a human Michael Moore film for the 2012 election.

— Liberals cry “racism” so often to distract people from how bad liberalism has been for black Americans.

— Obama criticizing someone else for being too close to Wall Street would be like Rick Santorum ripping someone else for being too pro-life.

— The housing crash WAS NOT caused by deregulation.The bubble was caused by the gov’t forcing banks to make risky loans. Then the bubble burst

— No one has fought the power this effectively since Rage Against the Machine signed with Sony. #occupywallstreet

— Sheila Jackson Lee is so stupid, if you put her brain in a parakeet, it would fly backwards.

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