My 30 Favorite Tweets From July

From Johnhawkinsrwn

* The government thinks it’s in charge. Break its rules, fight the power, defy, and rebel. That’s conservatism.

* If Obama had migraines, the press would be calling them “head parties” and would say they’re caused by “caring.”

* I wonder how many poor people ever consider that Dems want them to stay poor & dependent because it keeps them voting Dem

* Project gunrunner is a much bigger scandal that the Joe/Valerie Wilson silliness. Which one has gotten more coverage?

* Greed isn’t being rich and not wanting to pay more taxes, it’s demanding more services paid for with someone else’s money

* Why get mad at Casey Anthony in a world where what Planned Parenthood does is legal?

* Defeating the Soviet Union was both a gift & a curse. The curse is that it’s made us frighteningly complacent as a people

* Libs say we have a Social Security “trust fund” that’s good until 2037, so how can there be a danger checks won’t go out?

* It’s weird to hear the guy in the charge constantly complaining that the House Republicans aren’t leading fast enough.

* If Obamacare is constitutional, then the constitution is dead because the gov’t has unlimited power to force you to do anything

* If a Republican were in office, the MSM would be talking daily about how things are falling apart in Iraq, Afghanistan, & Libya.

* There’s nothing about Christianity that requires us to be doormats. Christ was certainly not a wimp.

* I’ve had two busty women who are friends of mine who tell me random guys just regularly walk up and grope them in bars, WTH?

* It’s never a good sign when you end a conversation thinking, “I didn’t mean to be such an ***.”

* Overall, anonymity is a huge net negative for the net that leads to everything from spamming, to trolling, rude behavior

* If you are wearing a shirt that says, “I’m awesome,” chances are, you are not in fact, awesome.

* If you could be healthy, young, and live for 500 years, but you had to do it starting in 1000 AD….would you do it?

* I never trust people who thinks of themselves as victims because they usually feel justified when they behave badly.

* The most angry, hate filled, deceptive and vicious people in politics almost inevitably say they’re driven by compassion

* Compassion and empathy taken to extremes can be worse for people than outright hatred.

* Bad habits are usually just techniques we use to distract us from things we’d rather not deal with.

* Convincing people with low self-esteem that they’re wrong about themselves is extremely difficult because self-esteem is mostly arbitrary.

* Replacing morality with legalities inevitably leads to gross immorality by the people taking advantage of the rules

* Morality without religion is inevitably arbitrary.

* There’s much to be said for a clever turn of phrase, but it’s not the same thing as wisdom.

* There’s no need to take revenge on mediocre people. Their mediocrity is their own punishment.

* If you ever find yourself saying the phrase, “Why would someone lie about that,” your antennae should go all the way up.

* Trying to “fix” people seldom works and it’s also an indication that there’s a hole inside of you that needs fixing.

* There’s a world of difference between feeling like you’re doing good and actually doing good.

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