My Fave Twenty 140 Character Thoughts For January

* If Democrats are so concerned about shutting down the government, why have they just done it in Wisconsin and Indiana?

* The Dems are now the “Party of No.” No to cutting spending. No to reducing gov’t. No to saving the American Dream.

* I’m not so sure having Obamacare overturned by the SCOTUS would hurt Dems. It would take GOP issue #1 off the table.

* If none of the global warming models predicted the last 15 years, why should we believe they’ll be right in 100 years?

* Why is it that liberals always come across like they believe we can spend more money than we have, forever, without consequence?

* If Sarah Palin is stupid, what does it say that she’s much more successful than pretty much everyone calling her stupid?

* If the middle class isn’t willing to pay higher taxes for gov’t services, then we should cut the programs.

* Government unions seem to be under the impression that taxpayers work for them.

* Truth: If Jews mostly voted Republican, the Democratic Party would be an open & ferocious enemy of Israel by now

* Do people complaining about conservative videos being “edited” realize pretty much EVERYTHING that’s not live is edited?

* If you’re not married or engaged, you really shouldn’t wear any kind of ring on that finger. It can create confusion.

* Lady Gaga’s latest, Born this way, is awful. Can’t believe it’s #1, plus, no one is born wanting to dress in meat.

* There’s a difference between asking for what you want and being a pushy taker.

* I hate it when I’m walking along and realize that I’m humming a jingle from a commercial.

* Women are much more vicious than guys are. Truly, they are.

* A lot of guys, maybe even most guys prefer women who are heavier than the ultra thin models in women’s magazines.

* The better the data, the better the response.

* Too many movies feature people getting special powers & a destiny. You create your own powers & destiny

* For good or ill, your big decisions tend to be consistent with your little decisions.

* You can’t be charitable if you don’t raise yourself up enough to have something worth giving away.

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