The Left’s War On Women: A Day In The Life Of Michelle Malkin On Twitter (Explicit Language)

One of the latest liberal talking points is that conservatives are waging a “war on women” because they won’t agree that the Pope should be forced to buy everyone’s birth control. In other words, it’s completely imaginary.

You want to see what a real “war on women” looks like? Start watching the way vile, misogynistic liberals talk to conservative women. Towards that end, I thought it might be interesting to show you the hate prominent conservative women like Michelle Malkin get on a daily basis. As you read these tweets, keep in mind that all of them came from a single 24 hour period (And believe it or not, I only included about half of the anti-Malkin tweets). Also note that these are just from Michelle’s @michellemalkin Twitter Feed: They don’t include a Twitter search of “Michelle Malkin”, Facebook, email, or anything written on blogs or said on TV. So, what you’re seeing here, is just a teeny tiny sliver of the hate Malkin has aimed at her by the left on a day-in, day-out basis.

PS: Here are all three of my Twitter accounts and Michelle Malkin’s account if you’re looking for some more accounts to follow.

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