5 Must Have Pro-Life T-Shirts

by: Claire Chretien

Wearing pro-life apparel is a fantastic way to be a witness for pre-born children, whether you’re on a college or high school campus, at church (if people wear t-shirts at your church), or in the grocery store.


Tell it like it is: abortion kills an innocent human being.: This shirt, designed by Bryan Kemper of Stand True, states an uncomfortable truth that most of society likes to ignore. Even some “pro-life” people will become upset at this shirt.:  As Bryan: so eloquently put it:

I have to say that the very fact that the “Abortion is Homicide” shirt offends people is the reason we MUST print them. People are offended because they don’t want to have to think about what abortion is. They are offended because they understand that by calling it an act of homicide it makes it a true violent crime instead of just a mistake or unfortunate choice a woman made.

…Don’t be offended if I call abortion homicide. Be offended that this act of homicide exists as a legally protected right in the first place.

Another great pro-life shirt from Stand True is: this one. This shirt is particularly useful when it comes to scaring the abortion industry. We are the most pro-life generation since: Roe v. Wade.: Hundreds of pro-life laws: have been passed in recent years,: abortion facilities are shutting down at astounding rates, and young people are continuing to build a: culture that supports and promotes life-affirming choices.

Non-religious people are pro-life, too.: : Secular Pro-Life: sells a: shirt: that highlights something we should make a point of mentioning to non-religious liberals: you can believe dismembering pre-born babies is wrong without religion.


Save the Storks: is a pro-life ministry that partners with pregnancy centers to park state-of-the-art mobile ultrasound units outside of abortion facilities.: : This: is one of their best shirts, available in light blue or black.


All Girls Allowed: is a Christian organization that works to end forced abortion and gendercide in China.:  Their “life. value. dignity. justice.” shirts highlight four essential values of the pro-life ethic.
This blog post was originally published on: Counter Cultured’s “Conservative Attire”: column.: 

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