Thug Jumps On Store Counter Demanding Money- Then Gets BRUTAL Surprise From Behind HIM!

Thug Jumps On Store Counter Demanding Money- Then Gets BRUTAL Surprise From Behind HIM!

It’s always fun to see justice in real time, so we thought our readers might get a kick out of this example…

robber gets pounded

A would-be robber got more than he bargained for when he tried to rob a Florida pharmacy on Valentine’s Day.

Anthony Nemeth, 26, jumped onto the counter of the Walgreens in Bradenton and demanded Oxycodone pills. The masked man, who was wearing a hoody, threatened the woman behind the counter, saying that he had a gun.

What Nemeth did not realize is that the pharmacist’s boyfriend, a trained fighter, had stopped in to see her and was standing close by.

When David West saw his girlfriend in danger, he leapt into action, grabbing Nemeth and wrestling with him. The fighter then ripped off his hoody, WFLA reported, and, with a few punches, knocked him unconscious.

“When he started reaching into his pants like he had a weapon that’s when I did something just to protect my girlfriend,” West told the station, adding that he’d rather get shot than see anything happen to her.

The good news is he managed to avoid that – at least it’s good news for everybody but the perp…

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