This Blind, Sick, and Elderly Dog Had a Christmas He’ll NEVER Forget

This Blind, Sick, and Elderly Dog Had a Christmas He’ll NEVER Forget

This story just breaks my heart. A woman brought home a blind, sick, elderly shelter dog in mid-December. She didn’t know if the pup would make it to Christmas or not, but wanted to give the pooch a Christmas full of love and a home. This dog had never been treated kindly and had never even slept inside a house. But all that has changed now for Blackie and he is now loved and cherished as all good dogs should be. When his former owner brought him in to the shelter to put down, Blackie had blood in his stools. He had never once been to a veterinarian. He is 14 years-old, which is getting up there for a dog. He’s blind and has a tumor in his chest. He may also have intestinal cancer. But now he has a loving home and a warm, comfy place to sleep. To Blackie, that is heaven.

Dog Christmas

From HuffPost Good News:

Brunie Drumond brought home a blind, sick, elderly shelter dog in mid-December, not knowing if he’d make it to Christmas.

She hoped he would. She wanted to make it a good one for a sweet pup who’d never been given presents — never even slept inside the house.

“Meeting Blackie broke my heart and I wanted to change his last experiences in this life. No living creature should die feeling unloved if we can help it,” Drumond told The Huffington Post.

They were considering putting Blackie down when people who cared came to the rescue. Instead of being euthanized, another Austin shelter — Austin Pets Alive! — agreed to take Blackie in and try to keep him comfortable and try to make him happy for a bit longer. Austin Pets Alive! specializes in helping animals who have medical or behavioral issues that can make it hard for them to find homes. Austin Pets Alive! also places dying and elderly animals into what’s called “fospice” homes — or foster hospice homes. There, the pets aren’t going to be adopted, but can live out their remaining time with loving families. A volunteer took Blackie home and fell in love with him. He gave that love right back to her. Blackie has gotten much better and Blackie got to have his wonderful Christmas. He and his new owner spent part of the day playing outside and another happy part of it snuggling and watching movies. Blackie also received a spiffy new bow tie and a whole lot of delicious treats and chew toys. “Blackie now deserves to spend every day he has left sleeping indoors on a comfortable bed, getting love and affection as often as possible,” Drumond (the volunteer) said. “And when his time comes, I want him to feel comfort and love as he passes.” Pass the Kleenex, please.

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