As Obama Whined About Drought In California, The Real Story Comes Out

I mentioned Saturday that Obama took a long fossil fueled plane trip all the way to Fresno, California to complain about “climate change” and announce a $1 billion “climate change” slush fund. Part of the trip was to whine about the drought in California. His “science” adviser, John Holdren ( a believer in Malthusian prophesy), even went so far as to say that it wasn’t about reservoirs (which some were calling to be built), but about the lack of water to fill the reservoirs. Actually, he’s half right, and there’s a reason for that

(IBD) President Obama visited California’s drought-hit Central Valley Friday, offering handouts and blaming global warming. But the state’s water shortage is due to the left’s refusal to deal with the state’s water needs.

The one thing that will mitigate droughts in California – a permanent feature of the state – is to restore the water flow from California’s water-heavy north to farmers in the central and south. That’s just what House Bill 3964, which passed by a 229-191 vote last week, does.

But Obama’s plan is not to get that worthy bill through the Senate (where Democrats are holding it up) but to shovel pork to environmental activists and their victims, insultingly offering out-of-work farmers a “summer meal plan” in his package.

What happened?

Environmental special interests managed to dismantle the system by diverting water meant for farms to pet projects, such as saving delta smelt, a baitfish. That move forced the flushing of 3 million acre-feet of water originally slated for the Central Valley into the ocean over the past five years.

California Democrats refused to allow reservoirs and water containment facilities to be built. Droughts are nothing new to California. Some droughts were shown to last 200 years. Much of this can be explained by the geography of California. The hills, mountains, ocean temperatures, winds, and weather patterns all contribute. Much of the Los Angeles are would be extremely dry without the water that is brought in.

Climate weenies are blaming the drought on climate change, rather than a typical natural occurring pattern shown to have happened before. Yet, their own policies have made it worse, much like their policies make wild fires worse. Perhaps if all the “climate change” believers would give up their own fossil fueled vehicles the drought would end. California should pass a law to ban all fossil fueled vehicles. We have to Do Something. Hey, why, California’s “climate change” legislation has worked wonders, right?

Meanwhile, after taking the long fossil fueled flight for a brief speech in Fresno, he hopped back on the plane to head to …. Palm Springs, where he’s playing golf. And met with King Abdullah II of Jordan, who he could have met with in Washington earlier in the week, instead of making him take a long fossil fueled trip to California.

And then there’s John Kerry

Secretary of State John Kerry will begin a series of speeches on Sunday that will call on the world to tackle climate change.

The blitz will begin in Jakarta, Indonesia, where Kerry will give the “first in a series of speeches on climate change this year,” according to a State Department official.

Kerry will lay out the “compelling and undeniable scientific case” of the growing climate change challenge that is “pushing the planet towards a tipping point of no return,” the official said.

Great. Says the man who took a long fossil fueled trip. Perhaps Kerry should be more concerned with the rise of hardcore Islamism in Indonesia rather than an imaginary boogeyman political issue.

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