VIDEO: Former Obama groupie goes on epic rant and lights a fire

VIDEO: Former Obama groupie goes on epic rant and lights a fire

Carey Wedler wants to make it very clear that Barack Obama is no longer her homeboy. She posted an epic YouTube rant titled “Why I’m burning my last bridge with Obama” and it’s skyrocketed to nearly 2 million views. She labeled Obama the “criminal-in-chief” and you’ll watch the video below for her full rant.

carey burns obama shirt

Saying she was once among President Obama‘s “most hysterical supporters,” Carey Wedler wants the world to know she has come to see the president in a different light.

Carey may fall on the left side of the spectrum, but you’ll notice that she does share some very common complaints about President Obama. I don’t think her shirt burning video will accomplish anything, but after nearly 2 million views, I suppose we can watch it once and at least pick out the good parts.



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