LAME! Obama Donates Money To Himself

Politico posted a piece today involving the president and his commitment to his re-election campaign.: To show he’s serious, Obama has given $5,000 of his own money to his campaign, which is spending like a drunken sailor. : In all, Obama is: outspending Romney almost 2:1.: : I guess that $5,000 will go a long way in closing the gap between Obama and Mitt Romney’s fundraising machine ,which has: outraised the president for the past two months.

Lastly, it’s lame! : In a campaign, people know when you’re serious and usually will vote for you if they like what they hear. : A fancy video montage showing you donating to your own campaign doesn’t illustrate that at all. : It’s not original. : Many politicians give money to their own campaign. : Congrats Barack for doing what every wealthy politician does in a re-election bid.


Matt Vespa

Matt Vespa is a conservative blogger based in Virginia. Besides contributing to Right Wing News, Vespa writes for RedState, PJ Media, Independent Journal Review, and his personal blog Noodle Pundit. He's also the 2013 recipient of American for Prosperity Foundation's Andrew Breitbart Award For Excellence In Online Activism and Investigative Reporting

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