Obama Pivots To “Fair Pay”

Which is rather funny, since Obama pays women who work in the White House less than the men

(The Hill) President Obama is preparing to lean on companies that do business with the government with a pair of new executive actions designed to close the wage gap between men and women.

The orders, detailed by a White House official, reflect the latest steps taken by the president to promote income equality without backing from the divided Congress – though both measures are limited in scope.

Obama will unveil the two orders on Tuesday, which marks “Equal Pay Day,” the name given to the point in the year at which an average woman’s pay catches up to what a man doing the same job made in the previous year.

The first measure is meant to prohibit federal contractors from retaliating against employees who discuss their compensation. The White House official stressed that the order will neither compel workers to discuss their pay nor employers to reveal salaries.

That first measure is quite possibly illegal, since it creates law, of which the Executive Branch cannot Constitutionally do.

Obama will also sign a Presidential Memorandum directing Labor Secretary Tom Perez to draft new regulations requiring contractors to report summary pay information — including data on race and sex — to the agency, the official said.

What is the penalty if employers refuse to reveal their private data due to this EO possibly being illegal, since it also skirts the notion of law making?

What is the penalty to the White House, which, again, still pays its female employees less? Let’s face it, this is simply a distraction from the issues that Americans care about, along with a way to attempt to bump up the enthusiasm of the base approaching the mid-terms.

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