Obama To O’Reilly: I’m Waiting For John Kerry’s Approval On Keystone XL

He’s simply running the clock out, as well as highlighting his pitiful leadership skills

(Fox News) President Obama told Bill O’Reilly Monday on “The O’Reilly Factor” that he was waiting to get an official recommendation from Secretary of State John Kerry before proceeding with the Keystone Pipeline.

Obama also took issue with the number of jobs the pipeline would create after supporters said it would create tens of thousands.

“Keystone Pipeline, a new study comes in, environmental impact negligible, 42, 000 jobs. You’re going to OK it, I assume,” O’Reilly asked.

Obama responded, “Well, first of all, it’s not 42,000. That’s not correct. It’s a couple of thousand to build the pipeline.”

Even if it ends up being “a couple thousand jobs”, it’s a couple thousand jobs. Permanent jobs. Probably more than have been created, in terms of permanent jobs, than for all of Obama’s green energy projects. It would also provide a large amount of temporary jobs as the pipeline is built (Keystone states that the number is 9,000, and 7,000 support jobs). The “shovel ready” jobs in Obama’s Stimulus where primarily temporary jobs. Did we hear him complaining about that?

He said the next steps in the pipeline approval process would be to get “agencies to comment on what the State Department did, public’s allowed to comment, Kerry’s going to, then, give me a recommendation.”

Obama does realize he is The President, right? There have already been numerous reports, agencies have commented, public comments, and such. And there are already a huge amount of pipelines running across the country. But Keystone XL has become a rallying cry for the “climate change” nuts, who are a big part of Obama’s wacko base. So, it appears as if Obama will look to run out the clock on this. And there may come a time when Canada, which has been extremely patient, just takes their ball and goes home, well, takes it to China.

This could set up an interesting situation if the GOP retakes the Senate, and Congress passes legislation allowing the pipeline to be built.

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