Sheriff Clarke Just Dropped Terrifying Truth Bomb About Obama…

Sheriff Clarke Just Dropped Terrifying Truth Bomb About Obama…

Once again, Sheriff Clarke is totally right here. You can not and must not trust the Obama Administration. When they came out and said they were going to deport illegal aliens, I said it was a lie and it is. They have no real intention of deporting anyone. Obama just vetoed a bill that would have defunded sanctuary cities. That’s because he’s all for them. And Loretta Lynch is his henchwoman in this. You certainly can’t trust her. Clarke says, “Congress needs to pass a law to defund it and that’s the way to go at this. Who’s he going to prosecute? I don’t get this at all. This is nothing more than a sleight of hand.” It’s meant to confuse people and placate others just long enough to get illegals entrenched in the system no matter what we do. And people wonder why Donald Trump is so popular.

Sheriff Clarke

From Mad World News:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch made a statement in Senate hearings, claiming that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would start taking possession of prisoners for deportation in jurisdictions which have in the past not cooperated with their detainers, also known as sanctuary cities. Sheriff Clarke was asked to comment, and he offers a warning about the slick moves of the Obama administration.

His words are based upon the track record of the Obama regime, saying, “Don’t fall for this. Look, these people are slippery, everybody in the Obama administration is. The president recently vetoed a bill that would have defunded sanctuary cities. Now all of a sudden they’re going to turn around and they’re going to go after these cities? How is he going to do it?”

In another segment, AG Lynch seems to agree that Obama cannot transfer Guantanamo detainees into the United States according to the law “most recently passed.” Clarke is equally skeptical on this topic, saying, “He’s done this before, he did it with delaying the Obamacare mandate, he did it with his executive order on gun control, he’s done it in other areas as well.” They play word games and all of it is subterfuge. “The only time that Barack Obama says the word can’t,” according to Sheriff Clarke, “is when he looks at Congress and says ‘they can’t stop me,’ otherwise that word does not exist. He will find some way to wiggle around this. We will wake up some morning and find out that these detainees have been slipped into the United States and into some federal prison. That’ll be catastrophic.” Take Clarke at his word here… he’s nailed it yet again and sooner than later you will see just how Obama lied on all of this. It doesn’t matter whether it is illegal immigration, gun control, Gitmo or any other topic we are concerned about. Obama is twisting circumstances to forward his political agenda pure and simple.

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