When It Comes To Illegal Immigration, Obama’s Like Lincoln Or Something

Trolling the opinion pages of the major news outlets is an easy way to find bat guano insane, or, heck, just plain stupid opinion pieces, by far left ideologues. There’s always plenty of La La Land material, especially if one visits the NY Times and Washington Post. Today is like every other day, and here’s a doozy by Charles Lane. One the Washington Post web front page the article is referred to as “Obama the emancipator: On immigration, the president may be similar to Lincoln”. Inside, we get

With immigration reform, President Obama takes cue from Lincoln

Not since Abraham Lincoln pondered his Emancipation Proclamation in 1862 has a president considered ordering a more sweeping adjustment to membership in the American community than the mass relief for illegal immigrants that President Obama is said to be contemplating.

There is obviously no analogy between slavery and the disadvantages the undocumented face today.

But, Lane is still going to find a way

Among many other differences, the undocumented arrived voluntarily, searching, often successfully, for a better life. Also, they established residence unlawfully, for which there must be some reckoning.


Still, the essentially permanent presence of some 11 million people whose labor and cultural contributions benefit the United States – yet who must exist on the margins of society – creates dilemmas both practical and moral.

And the issue has this in common with slavery: It’s a long-standing debate over fundamental rights that the nation’s democratic institutions have proven incapable of resolving, leading to increasingly bitter partisan conflict.

The ideological concept behind Obama’s grand slicing of the Gordian knot of immigration, if he attempts it, would be akin to that which drove Lincoln’s action: the president as liberator.

There’s so much wrong with that, I’m not even sure where to start and end. Let’s just note that the slaves were brought involuntarily, while illegals come voluntarily, both those who come illegally to start and those who overstay their visas.

And if Obama does it

Still, its impact would be dramatic, and might define Obama’s legacy as powerfully as the Emancipation Proclamation defined Lincoln’s.

In short, the broadest measure Obama is considering would be constitutionally dubious, politically explosive and flatly contradictory to his own recently expressed views.

It would also bring many hard-working people out of the shadows, make generations of Latinos into Democrats and secure a place in history for its author.

Got that? Doing this would be lawless, but, hey, he should do it anyhow! Liberal World.

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