Campus Liberals Freak Out Over Justice Scalia’s Announced Visit

by: Spencer Chretien: 

As I prepare to graduate from William and Mary in May, life here can get a bit boring sometimes.:  I’m anxious to return to DC and stay involved in the fight for liberty.:  But when I found out last week that our lineup of graduation speakers includes Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, I was thankful I’m still on campus, grateful that I’ll have the opportunity to hear from the anchor of the conservative wing of the Supreme Court before I head off into the real world.

It turns out, however, that many of my fellow students are in much greater need of Justice Scalia’s wisdom than I am.:  This fact became evident after a brief look at the popular “Overheard at William and Mary” Facebook group revealed the following post:

Overheard image Scalia

The post was quickly deleted and replaced by the author with a less strident denunciation of Justice Scalia; the full thread in this group of over 7500 Facebook users can be viewed here:

A fair number of comments expressed support not only for the stale, untrue, and nonsensical liberal view that Justice Scalia is a bigoted, racist, homophobic representation of the patriarchy, but also for the more disturbing idea that he should not have been invited to speak, and that William and Mary has committed a serious moral wrong by hosting him.

A few notable screenshots:

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 3.51.51 PM

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 3.52.17 PM

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 3.53.32 PM

Got it?:  A Justice of the United States Supreme Court has violated human rights and stood in the way of the all-important goals “progress and equality.”:  You’d think they were talking about the Dred Scott Supreme Court.:  Note also the belief that it is innately inappropriate to invite a white male to speak at a university, and that an African-American female speaker would necessarily bring a better perspective.:  That liberals want to censor anyone who disagrees with them is not news.:  Nor is it news that their preference for “diversity” is so strong that a Supreme Court Justice (a Supreme Court Justice!) is ruled out as an acceptable commencement speaker because of his race and gender.:  (Maybe his age establishes him as a relic of the horrible, oppressive past and therefore is also a strike against his standing as a graduation speaker to these angry Facebook commenters, but hey, that’s sort of ageist.)

While it may not be unusual for campus liberals to protest a conservative speaker, this little dust-up illustrates perfectly a relatively new trend in leftist academic thought that has rapidly accelerated during the Obama era, as “progressives” have won major policy and cultural victories: There is no such thing as an honest political (or judicial) disagreement.:  Everything is a moral issue.:  It’s not merely bad taste to invite Justice Scalia to speak.:  It’s “an ethical violation.”:  A judge who writes conservative opinions on gay marriage, abortion, affirmative action, and prayer in public life is not simply wrong on the merits.:  He is evil, and William and Mary is equally guilty, because it is encouraging this evil.

It’s tempting to dismiss this eruption as just a few disgruntled, idealistic college students who will grow up once they start working and having kids.:  But their agenda is real, their outrage is real, and it’s becoming harder and harder for anyone to stay on the sidelines in this cultural battle.

According to Hollywood, according to your liberal professors, according to the comments on this thread, anyone who’s ever called a spade a spade is guilty of a word crime.:  Anyone who acts on that thought is practically culpable for an actual crime.:  Look at some other recent examples: Calling illegal immigrants “illegal immigrants” (word crime) is plain old hate.Saying “Obamacare” (word crime) is racist. : The all-time most insane: If you eat at Chick-fil-A (an action so hateful that it could only be motivated by one’s thought crimes), you support anti-gay laws in Uganda.:  What?

Heck, look at the new “Ban Bossy” campaign.:  If you say “bossy,” the argument goes, you–you–are contributing to the systematic, methodical degradation of women worldwide. : Sex trafficking in India?:  It’s your fault, because you said “bossy.”:  The absurdity of these arguments should be obvious, but it is no longer obvious to a huge segment of the country.:  The word police are becoming the thought police, and if your words and thoughts aren’t favored by the majority, well, you’re evil and in dire need of the amount of reeducation that I hope Justice Scalia gives to our campus.

There are some areas where you don’t compromise.:  The free exchange of information and ideas is one of them.:  Another is the principle that you should refrain from ad hominem attacks on your ideological opponents.:  To those who view literally everything as a tectonic battle between good and evil, between progress and oppression, between tolerance and hate, these values don’t apply.

As liberals like to say, “It’s 2014!”:  In this enlightened modern era, can’t we hear what someone has to say?:  Apparently not, because merely being in the presence of Justice Scalia will cause so much suffering and trigger memories of barbaric subjugation in the minds of the thought police.

I want no part of this game of speech police and thought crimes.:  I want no more of this moral outrage over a College’s invitation to a commencement speaker.:  And I want a culture that has the integrity not to lie about and slander those with whom they disagree.

From this insanity, as Justice Scalia would say, I dissent.

This blog post was originally published on: Counter Cultured’s “Counter Cultured Politics”: column.

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