DC Caller: Naughty Bloggers

NOTE: John has already written a good piece on this, but I was knee-deep in my own, so I’m adding it here anyway.

This might be a little inside-baseball-ish, but I believe it’s important. Also, I am only going to include the first couple of paragraphs and you can go to the link for the rest, if you’re so inclined. It’s longish.


You know what I hate? Wasted energy and useless fights. You know what I also hate? Morally superior hack writers and website owners doing a hit piece on bloggers scraping for money where the morally superior website owner will turn around and without shame or embarrassment, ask those same bloggers to push some piece of writing after they’ve demonized the very people they need. In addition, the said website owners are also bought and paid for and pretend the money they receive doesn’t influence what they or their staff writes. Puhleeze.

Background: Read Dan Riehl here and here and Ace’s long commentary here and Ed Morrissey’s thoughtful piece here.

I am, of course, talking about the blog pay tempest started by Daily Caller (which was exactly their point–it’s called link-whoring and there’s nothing especially godly about that).


There are bigger fish to fry than Daily Caller writing a story about money in blogging which feels like a way to undermine a blogger who dared defy the conventional wisdom that Michael Steele was The Worst Person In The World. Who knows what the motives were? I don’t really care. I am just sick of resources being expended to harm our own side. The Daily Caller piece is written as if this problem is systemic and wide-spread. That’s just ridiculous unless something evil brews around the blogosphere I don’t know about. Of the big national bloggers, well, they have credibility for a reason. They’ve earned it. Honestly.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping the Daily Caller has a nice, wide-ranging exposé on the money in blogging on the left. There’s a lot of it. Waiting with bated breath here in money-starved blogging land.

More at LibertyPundits.net. I also talk about this on my podcast this morning which will be out later at LibertyPundits.com.

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