Scenes From Tim Scott’s Latest Fundraiser…And why Showing Up is Fifty Percent of the Battle [Picture Dump]

Scenes From Tim Scott’s Latest Fundraiser…And why Showing Up is Fifty Percent of the Battle [Picture Dump]

[Congressman Tim Scott with my son, Jackson.]

This past Sunday afternoon, my husband Chris, my son Jackson and I attended Tim Scott’s latest fundraiser in Charleston, South Carolina. I gotta admit, it was a surreal experience.

[(R to L) Me, Congressman Scott holding my son, Jackson, and my husband, Chris.]

[Congressman Scott, Jackson and me.]

Why was it so surreal? Well, two years ago, I took the initiative and did a lot of blogging on Congressman Scott’s behalf when he began his run for congress. (I even covered his birthday party, as well as his victory party.) When I first started showing up to Tim’s events two years ago (he would tell everybody to call him “Tim”), I noticed that his events were pretty full of loyal supporters, but they weren’t jam-packed from wall to wall with bodies like his fund-raiser was this past Sunday. At Mr. Scott’s most recent event, there was even a rock band, and a long line just to shake his hand and say “Hello”–whereas two years ago, you could just walk right up to Tim and say “Hi”. Don’t get me wrong, Tim hadn’t changed at all (he was still his sweet, jovial self), but the situation had changed–he was now “Congressman Scott”.

[(R to L) Me, Carmen Schachte, Bobby Riggs and Rear Admiral William L. Schachte, Jr.]

[(R to L) Debbie Lamb, Loy Stewart, Jr., Sharon Stewart and Jimmy Lamb.]

[Debbie Lamb holding Baby Jackson.]

[Chris, Jackson and me.]

[Me with campaign aide Michael Sally.]

[Me, Chris and Jackson.]

[(R to L) Claudia Bentley holding Jackson, Jackie Novak, Michelle Bentley and me.]

Then it hit me. Tim was now “Congressman Scott” because of people just like the ones attending this fundraiser–i.e., people who got involved in the political process in some form or another (by writing blogs, giving donations, volunteering their time, becoming precinct committeemen, etc.). In other words, getting involved in the political process is power.

In the show Game of Thrones, Lord Varys is famous for the following quote:

Power resides where men believe it resides–it is a trick, a shadow on the wall. And, a very small man can cast a very large shadow.

(See the embed below.)

The MSM would like us to believe that they have all of the power–that they can decide who lives or who dies politically. They might even try to discourage conservatives by stating that Republicans are “unenthused” by Mitt Romney as their nominee, or they might even go so far as to mock conservative activists by calling them “teabaggers”. Don’t listen to them–their power is a trick, a shadow on the wall. The real power lies with the voter/activist who actually shows up and gets involved. In the past, Congressional elections have been decided by a few hundred votes–heck, the 2000 Presidential Election was decided by approximately 500 votes in the state of FL. Showing up matters. And, if you sit at home on election night stuffing your face with Cheetos and complaining about how your vote doesn’t matter, you are ceding your power to decide who speaks for you in DC.

I recently wrote a post where I listed (and explained in detail) the five rules of politics as I saw them:

1.) NEVER cede the higher ground to your opponent when you are winning on an issue.

2.) People hate the thought police.

3.) People don’t vote for people they don’t like—i.e., mean people suck.

4.) Don’t eat your own—you’re wasting valuable time and energy.

5.) Stay away from conspiracy theories.

However, after attending Congressman Scott’s recent fundraiser, I would like to amend my previous post and add a sixth rule:

6.) Showing up is fifty percent of the battle.

Don’t ever cede your power by just “staying home” and not getting involved. Everyone has a talent. Everyone has something to contribute–even if it’s just a vote. And remember, even “a very small man can cast a very large shadow”.

[Baby Jackson with his favorite toy–a stuffed elephant.]

[Baby Jackson waving the American flag.]

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