Wake Up and Smell the McAuliffe Posters

by: Spencer Chretien

Do me a favor and contemplate the following nine statements, questions, and outright lies:

1. “Learn how Virginia’s anti-gay legislation has affected the William and Mary community.”

2. “Do you know your candidate’s stance on reproductive rights?” (Shouted while standing in line for lunch.)

3. “Ken Cuccinelli…does not support safe and legal abortion.”

4. “GUESS WHO’S GAY?”:  (Accompanied by a picture of : two yellow ducks–“Duck, Duck”–and one pink duck with a feather boa around its neck–“Gay,” a play, clearly, on Duck Duck Goose.)

5. “We Broke Up 6 Months Ago.:  Why Can’t He Just Leave Me Alone?”
“That’s Really Scary.:  Maybe We Should Get Some Help.”

6. “Sexual assault or coercion within an intimate relationship can take many forms.”:  (What
qualifies as sexual assault, by the way, includes: “demeaning comments about a person’s: 
sexuality or sexual performance.”)

7.: “As soon as you possibly can, begin using a method of birth control you will be able to use: 
every time you have sex.”: : (A nice little disclaimer at the end explains that this “Information [is] from Planned Parenthood.”)

8.: “Resources in the FISH Bowl include health-related videos, books, articles, Quit Kits, free: 
condoms…”: for students, staff, and faculty.

9. “Like oral sex?
Cuccinelli doesn’t.
He actually wants to make it a felony.
Vote Terry McCauliffe (sic) for Governor on Nov. 5th!
Don’t let Election Day go down without you.
Paid for by Students for Pleasure”

What do these assertions, advertisements, and inquiries have in common? I came across all of them either during a five-minute walk across one of the popular student areas here at William and Mary, or during a five-minute visit to our College’s website. Mostly on posters, flyers, and the school website, with one being shouted to me by angry liberals as I waited for lunch.

If you hadn’t already heard, the ninth of these: created some controversy: in the Virginia gubernatorial race last week. Virginia Democrats, responsible for the content and distribution of the flyers, decided to remove them after they sparked a minor hullabaloo.:  We can assume, then, that at least here in Williamsburg, “Students for Pleasure,” whatever that is, has picked up the slack and done the Democrats’ dirty work. (Considering his business background, I would not be surprised if Terry McAuliffe himself had devised some shady scheme to transfer funds from the Democratic Party of Virginia to “Students for Pleasure,” but that’s beside the point.):  Speaking for myself, I’m glad there was offense over the poster; at least a trace of decency remains in our political campaigns and our society.:  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Ken Cuccinelli has never supported banning oral sex–he only was defending: the law: that protects kids from sexual predators. But since when has truth mattered to liberals?

And honestly, why were people offended? As my brief, spontaneous survey of typical college billboards demonstrates above, all colleges want to talk about and promote is sex–lessons about different types of sex; the 300 or so different sexual orientations; birth control at the earliest possible age; abortion and why spiteful Republicans want to take it away; dating violence, which, to liberals, could be eliminated if we just had more extreme feminism, social workers, and government programs.:  Any college student will be quite familiar with this sort of nonsensical rhetoric and speechifying that we hear on campuses about all things sex every day.

Why was offense taken to the flyer about oral sex? It’s par for the course. It’s normal, mundane, and not edgy to most college students. The political party that: boos God three times at their national convention: and: equates voting for Barack Obama with losing one’s virginity: has now put up a poster talking about preserving our “right to oral sex.” Big whoop.:  The flyer should be put back up and Democrats should stop hiding from what they really believe.

The rest of us should wake up.

This blog post was originally published on: Counter Cultured’s: “Politics”: column.: 

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