Squatter refuses to leave woman’s condo and is threatening to SUE HER

Squatter refuses to leave woman’s condo and is threatening to SUE HER

The nanny squatter seems to have emboldened scumbags in California to take advantage of one of their numerous idiotic liberal laws. Now another woman in California is facing a legal battle thanks to a squatter who refuses to leave her condo, and is threatening to sue her.


A California Airbnb host says a guest is squatting in her 600-square-foot Palm Springs condo and is now threatening to sue her.

Cory Tschogl, 39, described the situation as a ‘horror story’ and says she begged Airbnb for help through scores of emails and phone calls but the accommodation marketplace failed to get the renter out.

He now has renters’ protection under California law because he’s been there longer than 30 days and it’ll take three to six months, a lawyer and thousands of dollars to evict him.

The San Francisco-based rehabilitation therapist has used Airbnb without issue for about a year so when ‘Maksym’ asked to rent the condo for an extended period – a total of 44 days – she thought it would be fine.

But as soon as he checked in he called her to complain about the tap water being cloudy and the gated-entrance to the condo, then demanded a full refund of the 30 days rent he paid upfront.

… Concerned that he was a shady character, she agreed to a refund and immediately alerted Airbnb to make it happen.

However, after numerous attempts to make contact with the service, it took two days for a representative to respond. In that email, the rep said Airbnb had told the guest to leave.

But Tschogl says the guest stayed in the condo.

… After the 44 days, Tschogl was desperate and texted Maksym saying his contract was up and that she would shut off power at the condo.

Tschogl told the San Francisco Chronicle that the guest texted back saying he was legally occupying the condo – which isn’t untrue – and that loss of electricity would threaten his work and therefore income.

He threatened to press charges for ‘blackmail and damages caused by your negligence and malicious misconduct, including $3,800 PID Espresso machine as well as medical bills for my brother’s hospital visit after he got sick here drinking unfiltered tap water.’

Typical California: siding with the scumbags at the expense of business owners and entrepreneurs. Of course, it’s the scumbags who vote to keep the liberal politicians in power, so the libs have to make sure they keep them happy, right?

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