Father Jailed for Just 60 Days After Killing His 13-Year-Old Daughter with Two Slaps Over Chores

Father Jailed for Just 60 Days After Killing His 13-Year-Old Daughter with Two Slaps Over Chores

Apparently, it’s perfectly acceptable to murder someone, as long as it was done “accidentally” while abusing your child. That’s the message a judge just sent when he sentenced Moussa Sidime to just 60 days in prison after killing his daughter by slapping her twice.


A Canadian man was sentenced to 60 days in jail this week for slapping his 13-year-old daughter so hard that she later died.

Moussa Sidime, 74, from Quebec, had pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charge stemming from a 2010 confrontation with his teenage daughter, which ultimately resulted in her death.

According to court documents, the man got into a heated argument over chores with 13-year-old Noutene Sidime and slapped her on both sides of her face.

The girl collapsed to the floor unconscious with blood trickling from her nose. Mr Sidime called 911 and Noutene was rushed to a hospital, CTV News reported.

The 13-year-old girl spent three days in a coma at the Montreal Children’s Hospital before succumbing to her injuries.

Not only was Sidime only sentenced to 60 days, but he’ll be able to serve out his sentence on weekends only — meanwhile, the family is rallying around him, because it was just a freak accident that no one could have prevented, right? Of course, Sidime could have not abused his daughter, but like in any classic abusive family, the actions of the abuser are excused and hand-waved away. Shame on this judge for letting him get off so lightly.

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