Lady Gaga Makes Shocking Confession Days After She Sang Our National Anthem

Lady Gaga Makes Shocking Confession Days After She Sang Our National Anthem

Typically, America-hating is what’s en vogue with celebrities today, not patriotism. That’s why Lady Gaga’s explanation of why she sang the National Anthem so beautifully is touching so many people.

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Just days after her Super Bowl performance of ”The Star Spangled Banner at Super Bowl 50, Lady Gaga showed us a side of her little seen previously: her patriotism.

… “I just thought about the lyrics and what they really mean,” said Gaga. They’ve been around a long time, so I thought about what they mean now, I just sang from my heart.”

“No matter what you go through, the same as our country, that metaphor of ‘but the flag was still there’ is so powerful for me every time,” said Gaga. “I’m really singing it from the heart and I’m also singing it very true to the way it was written because that’s when I think it sounds its most majestic. There’s no greater honor than standing next to the Color Guard, the Flag, the Army and the Military and singing the National Anthem.”

Hearing a celebrity say something so patriotic is refreshing, to say the least. Maybe more celebrities can start following Lady Gaga’s example from now on.

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