Ricky Gervais Makes Common Sense Tweet On Hacked Celeb Nude Photos, People Mad

You’ve heard about this, right?

(Buzzfeed) A leak that started as the latest round of personal pictures hacked from celebrities’ phones turned Monday into a vast invasion of the privacy of actress Jennifer Lawrence and a handful of others — and a kind of festival on Reddit, 4chan, and other online spaces — with continued release of pictures and videotape purporting to be taken from stars including Lawrence, Kate Upton, Lea Michele, and more.

The extent of the leak — with dozens of incredibly personal photos and a few short videos — was unanticipated even by some of the people at its center, hitting all corners of fame from athletes to American Idol contestants. One publicist told BuzzFeed Sunday she was hoping the leak would stop with one photograph of her client, only to see a half dozen more make the rounds the next night.

Beginning Sunday night, a massive quantity of nude and risqué photos that appeared to be of huge stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, and Kate Upton leaked online, first appearing on the /b/ thread on 4chan (NSFW link).

Some celebs are saying it’s not them, some, like Jennifer Lawrence, confirm the pictures. They are very upset about this, and have their attorneys and law enforcement involved. The FBI is also looking in to the incident.

(Mediaite) Actor and comedian Ricky Gervais had a different take on the hacked nude celebrity photos today. While he made it absolutely clear he finds the release of such photos horrible, he did make a joke about how no one would be able to obtain naked photos of celebrities if said celebrities didn’t take naked photos of themselves in the first place.

Here’s the tweet in question, which has since been deleted:

That didn’t exactly go over well. And while Gervais did take down that tweet, he continued to defend himself on Twitter, arguing that it’s really not worth it to be outraged by a joke:

Sadly, he did delete a very simple common sense piece of advice. How many times has it happened that someone allowed risque pictures and/or vids of themselves to be taken, or taken by themselves, and they end up on the Internet? Not just celebs, but average citizens? Maybe a boyfriend or husband (or female friend) talked them into it. Maybe they were just taking a selfie. Next thing you know, they’re mortified by it being out there for the world to see. This has been going on since the 1990’s, with the Internet becoming accessible to everyone. Heck, even before then things happened. Remember Vanessa Williams?

In a case like this, taking nude photos, many which appear to be selfies, and putting them in the cloud is asking for problems. This is not to blame the celebs, who are the victims….well, yes, it is. Actions have consequences. This “taking pictures of yourself naked” meme is not limited to these celebs. It seems to be more and more common amongst the under 30 crowd. I’ll never get wanting to take a risque selfie in a public bathroom, but that’s a different story. If you take them, there’s always a possibility that someone will get their hands on them. Especially a Hollywood celebrity.

If you want to take them, don’t put them on the cloud. Don’t leave them on your phone. Put them on an external hard drive, with massive password protection. Better yet, if you do not want people to see them, don’t take them.

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