Ann Coulter’s Right: Democrats Are Dropping Blacks And Moving On To Hispanics

Is this controversial? It seems kind of obvious if you’re paying attention.

While criticizing President Obama for failing to aggressively pursue immigration reform in his first term, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos said that “if Republicans don’t do something with immigration … they’re going to lose not only this election, they might lose the White House for a generation.”

Coulter quickly interjected, “That’s why the Democrats are dropping the blacks and moving on to the Hispanics, because they’re a larger group of Hispanics now” – seeming to claim that Democrats are more aggressively courting the growing Latino population than the African American vote, which polls show is firmly behind President Obama.

Coulter, author of the new book “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From the Seventies to Obama,” also argued that groups on the left, from feminists to gay rights groups to those defending immigrants, have commandeered the black civil rights experience.

“I think what – the way liberals have treated blacks like children and many of their policies have been harmful to blacks, at least they got the beneficiary group right,” Coulter said. “There is the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow laws. We don’t owe the homeless. We don’t owe feminists. We don’t owe women who are desirous of having abortions, but that’s – or – or gays who want to get married to one another. That’s what civil rights has become for much of the left.”

When asked whether immigrant rights were not civil rights, Coulter responded, “No. I think civil rights are for blacks… What have we done to the immigrants? We owe black people something. We have a legacy of slavery. Immigrants haven’t even been in this country.”

Roughly 30-40% of Hispanic voters are in play, so both parties bend over backwards to appeal to them.

Black Americans? Not so much.

It’s a plain statement of fact to say that black Americans did better economically under George W. Bush than Barack Obama, isn’t it? Black Americans oppose gay marriage and Obama kicked them under the bus on that, didn’t he? Has he done anything to reduce crime that’s hurting black communities? No. Has he done anything to keep abortionists from preying on black Americans? No. Has he done anything to reduce illegal immigration, which disproportionately impacts black Americans who are more likely to be competing with illegals for low skill jobs? No.

What it all boils down is that black Americans are going to vote Democrat no matter what. So, why shouldn’t the Democrats keep making them their very last priority out of every other interest group in their coalition? So, who could blame them for dropping blacks?

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