Fairness Does Not Require Government Coercion: The Kayla Reyes Story

As the authoritarian obsession with stamping out anything that could be construed as “discrimination” drags on year after year, resulting in ever more draconian infringements on our freedom to make our own choices, readers might be surprised to learn there are still groups that it is legally permissible to discriminate against. Vets, for example:

A female Army veteran named Kayla Reyes was turned down from a sales position at Macy’s for a reason which has left the department store under fire. She was told that her experiences fighting in the war in Afghanistan disqualify her from the position. The hiring manger did not want someone with Kayla’s “mindset” on her sales floor.

Macy’s is a private business. It is not (yet) owned by the federal government. Therefore, it has every right to turn down Kayla Reyes for being a vet — or for being a woman, or for having a Hispanic name, or for having been born when the moon was in Scorpio, or for any reason whatsoever.

You don’t need coercion to rectify these matters. A little sunlight does the job, as this case illustrates:

Macy’s has since recanted their previous response to Reyes’ application for employment and offered her a job in response to the backlash they have received. Reyes turned down the position. Who could blame her? As is to be expected, the Army vet has more pride than to accept the offer of the department store after they came crawling back to her in an attempt to save face. Instead, she accepted a position working for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Coercive attempts to end “discrimination” would be totally unnecessary if they were really about fairness. But they are actually about empowering groups at the expense of other groups, balkanizing the country to advance the radical Left’s divide-and-conquer strategy.

Kayla Reyes
Macy’s can take the job and…

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