As Everyone Freaks Out Over Heat Wave, A Bit Of Globull Warming Reality

Over the past 10 days or so, we’ve been treated to a litany of unhinged discourse about this being what “global warming/climate change looks like.” If that’s so, then why do we have this, via Joe Bastardi (via Tom Nelson)

climate clowns, willing sheep in MSM wont show reality . US hot spot outweighed by cold other area.. GLOBALLY)

Notice that the global anomoly is -.007C. With most of the Earths landmass where there are weather gauges being in what used to be traditionally called “summer.” DC used to be much hotter back in the 1930’s when few had fossil fueled vehicles and CO2 was under 350ppm.

I wonder if next week will be what global warming looks likes, as temps from the hearland to the east coast will be at or below average? We’ve been told that charging your iPhone causes the weather to be hot and cold. Will it also cause average?

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