Climate Astrology: Cold Weather Caused By Global Warming

It must have been really, really hot during the last ice age. Here’s the CBC going bat guano insane in attempting to defend the Warmist cult

Cold snaps result of global warming, study says

Jet streams are dipping further south to cause extended cool temperatures

This year’s uncommonly cold winter has put to bed the notion global warming is anything but a myth, right?

Wrong, says a group of researchers out of New Jersey’s Rutgers University, who have put out a new study that suggests the prolonged cold snaps we’ve experienced could be a direct result of climate change.

The 2012 paper says melting Arctic ice is weakening the jet stream. This weakening causes the jet stream to dip further south, which in Canada brings severe cold temperatures for prolonged periods of time.

Except, there was big growth in the Arctic in 2013, meaning there was much more ice during the winter. Judith Curry already beat this assumption up regarding the polar vortexes that keep rolling down.

And Anthony Watts (hat tip for the story) notes that for the 1976-1977 bitterly cold and snowy winter, they blamed global cooling.

Unfortunately, there are people stupid enough to buy that warming causes cold and snow.

Arain said the bottom line is that one cannot draw conclusions about climate change based on temperatures on a particular day.

How about during entire seasons? How about when much of the northern hemisphere has seen cold and snowy winters 5 out of the last 6 winters? How about when much of the Northern hemisphere saw no spring in 2013? How about when there has been no statistically significant warming in approaching 18 years? How about when all the Warmist predictions fail to meet real world data?

This doesn’t prove that the world hasn’t warmed: it has. It doesn’t prove that there wasn’t a spike during the 1980’s (and a few other times during the Modern Warm Period): it did. What it’s knocking out is the notion of anthropogenic global warming, or, as it’s been rebranded in order to cover every weather event (along with earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, a bad night’s sleep, skidmarks, etc), climate change.

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