Climate Astrology: National Geographic Links Snow And Cold To Globull Warming

If only there was something National Geographic could do to solve this, like not sending teams all around the world using fossil fuels to create programs

Here we go again. The weather’s going to extremes: a snowstorm in Jerusalem, wildfires in Australia, a cold snap in China, a heat wave in Brazil. Based on the first two weeks of the new year, 2013’s picking up right where 2012 left off.

They do realize that it is summer in Australia and Brazil, right? And winter in China and Jerusalem?

As much as 8 inches (20 centimeters) of snow fell on Jerusalem (map) last Thursday, closing roads across the city. It was the biggest winter storm there in 20 years. Scores of trees fell from the weight of the snow, snowball fights broke out in the parks, and Israeli President Shimon Peres was photographed building a snowman outside his residence with help from his bodyguards.

In China, the average temperature fell to 25:°F (-4:°C) in early January, the lowest in nearly three decades. More than a thousand ships in China’s Laizhou Bay (map) have been frozen into the ice.

National Geographic calls this “the new normal”. I call this bat guano crazy and climate astrology, whereby every weather event is linked to greenhouse gases, even cold and snow. It’s pure idiocy and completely unrelated to actual science. Even if anthropogenic global warming was real, it is not going to cause cold and snow. Only in the warped minds of dogmatic progressives hell bent on pushing their pet cult could warm cause cold.

Oh, and for those who want to discuss 2012 being the hottest since the end of the end of the Little Ice Age (well, after quite a bit of data manipulation. They haven’t deigned to release the raw data), even the Warmists at Grist notice something

Again, just to make the point: The hottest year in American history was one of the coldest worldwide this century.

Yes, yes, we’re talking about this century. And world wide temperatures are up from the end of the LIA (shocker!), because, the Earth is in the midst of a warm period. But, overall, if you want to focus on America, the raw data shows that the 1930’s, before CO2 was above 350ppm, was much warmer than this century.

If you Warmists are really concerned, you will go completely carbon neutral in your own lives. Act like it’s a crisis. You won’t.

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