EPA Chief: Global Warming Is Racist

The nice thing about living inside an ideological bubble like our liberal ruling class is that nothing you say has to pass the laugh test — at least, not until it gets out of the bubble. Then the guffaws begin — as when EPA commissar Gina McCarthy proclaimed that pulling the government garrote still tighter around the economy’s neck is justified because global warming is racist:

The lies are so cartoonishly preposterous, we would be playing into envirocommunists’ hands by taking them seriously enough to debunk them.

McCarthy’s plan to strike at imaginary racism is alarming. She will use her frighteningly powerful agency to fight fictitious global warming at its “biggest source”: power plants.

If you like the way the lights come on when you flip the switch, you are a racist. Big Government will put you in your place.

Regarding the Hip Hop Caucus that she is addressing above,

Administrator Gina McCarthy attended an event Thursday at Clark Atlanta University hosted by the Hip Hop Caucus, a non-profit 501 (c)(4) group that “promotes political activism,” as reported at the Huffington Post. Some of the issues on which they focus are gun control, voting rights and climate change.

A few points to take away from that paragraph: 1) our rulers pander to the sector of society that produces repugnant sociopaths like Ice T, Ice Cube, Snoop Diggidity Doggie-Do, et al.; 2) explicitly political radical left groups, unlike Tea Party groups and groups intended to secure the integrity of elections, are not expected by the IRS to pay taxes; and 3) not only “climate change” but also voter fraud and the denial of our Second Amendment rights are getting yoked to the trusty mule of fabricated racism. Anyone who refuses to pretend to believe in the increasingly farcical global warming hoax, or who defends the right to bear arms, or who complains about rampant voter fraud will soon be subject to the Donald Sterling treatment.

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