EPA Chief: Sure, We Need Climate Indoctrination In Schools

OK, she doesn’t quite say “indoctrination”, but that is what it amounts to, since the Warmists will not allow differing points of view to be taught

(The Hill) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Gina McCarthy said students should be taught the science behind climate change in schools.

“I think part of the challenge of explaining climate change is that it requires a level of science and a level of forward thinking and you’ve got to teach that to kids,” McCarthy said in an interview with the magazine Irish American published Friday.

Let’s look at the whole quote

Do you think that Climate Change should be part of the educational system?

Very much so. I think part of the challenge of explaining climate change is that it requires a level of science and a level of forward thinking and you’ve got to teach that to kids.

So, if you are not a Believer, you are not a “forward thinker”. Good thing we haven’t had an almost 18 year pause in statistically significant warming that contradicts the Warmists computer models and prognostications, eh?

People didn’t have a sense of how dramatic climate change really is, and what it means for all of us. So that’s been a challenge. But what’s great about renewables is that when you put a solar panel on the roof of a school, you change the entire dynamic of education for the students. It’s hands-on.

The problem here is that we could push for these without the climate hysteria. Of course, it is hands on, because the kiddies will be freezing when the solar panels cannot provide power on cold, cloudy days.

When you wanted to get people active in the environmental world a while ago it was recycling, because you could do it yourself. Part of the challenge today is to make all of these things [affecting climate change] personal enough so that people can get engaged and get active, and feel like there are things we can do together. That’s the hump we need to cross in climate control and I think we’re doing that. I really do, I think people are getting active and engaged.

The thing is, they’ve been yammering about this since 1980. Yet, the majority of Warmists rarely go beyond “spreading awareness” within their own lives. People like….Gina McCarthy!

So you’ve been traveling the U.S. — what have you experienced?

We’ve begun to realize that when you get out of Washington, D.C. and you talk to real people, that they’re worried about the climate. I’ve been to numerous places that have been hit by floods, and places that have been hit by wildfires. I was in California on the drought issue. I’ve been in Utah on the basis of the work that’s going on in Salt Lake City with the mayor doing all kinds of great climate efforts. I’ve been in Iowa talking to farmers, I was in Missouri yesterday…

Hmm, was she using a bike or walking to all those places? If she believes in the “science” so much, why is she criss-crossing the nation using fossil fueled travel?

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