Ex-NASA Scientists Speak Out On “Climate Change” Hysteria

Obviously, they will be branded heretics, personally denigrated, and said to be in the pay of Big Oil and Big Coal.

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(Nature World News) The government is overreacting to a largely unreal threat of global warming and NASA isn’t helping, states a report issued by The Right Climate Stuff (TCRS) research team.

Comprised largely of ex-NASA engineers and scientists, the team acknowledges in their report that “climate science is not one of our data technical specialties,” but that, nonetheless, given their experience in their separate fields of physics, chemistry, geology, meteorology and others, they felt the need to speak out.

Recently retired James Hansen never had a degree in “climate”, either.

Specifically, the report responds to what the group feels is unfounded pulpit pounding by certain NASA bureaus regarding a false damnation of global warming that is seen strictly the result of human sin in the form of carbon dioxide emissions.

“Many of us felt these alarming and premature predictions of a climate disaster with so little empirical data to support these claims, would eventually damage NASA’s reputation for excellent and objective science and engineering achievement,” the report states.

The group points out that the science is not settled in the least, that natural processes dominate the climate cycle (and are poorly understood), that CO2 lags behind temperature change by roughly 800 years, and

“Ergo, CO2 does not appear to be the throttle that controlled the temperature cycles of the last 700,000 years.” Though, they argue, the temperature appears to affect the levels of CO2 – a concept that for many may feel like standing on one’s head.

They go on to point out that Mankind does have other affects on the climate and environment through other aerosols, such as methane, along with land use (I’ve mentioned both many times in saying that Man is responsible for about 10-15 of the warming, much of which is perceived and localized). Much of what they are saying is that the changes to the climate, much of which are simply part of a natural weather pattern, are caused by unknown mechanisms which are mostly natural. The Sun. Water vapor. Land use. Shifting land patterns through geologic processes. Etc. Climate and earth forces are too dynamic to simply say “CO2 is the cause of this warm period”.

Rather, they believe, “A potential global warming issue has been identified that should be treated as a potential problem for which root cause is not definitely known.”

Is the current warming a potential problem? Sure. The same way a cool period is a problem. Same as if it became a hot period. There are also lots of benefits from all. Climate and weather will always happen, and will never conform to the flat-earth mentality of Warmists. Who still refuse to change their own behavior to match their rhetoric.

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