Extreme Weather Belief Like A “pagan rite of human sacrifice to ensure a good harvest”

There was a time when Warmists said “weather is not climate! Yeaaaarrrrrrg!” Now, because fewer and fewer are buying into what they push (which they themselves refuse to act on, as witnessed by the yearly working vacations in exotic locations which produced tens of millions of tons of CO2), they have now moved on to “extreme weather” (some, like Al Gore, have even moved on to “dirty weather”) in order to blame every weather event, including snow and cold, on someone else living a modern life

(NY Post) Superstorm Sandy. Parching drought across North America. A scorching midsummer heat wave in the Midwest. All these weather extremes are telltale signs that CO2 causes climate change, according to global warmists.

Indeed, the global climate-change nomenklatura gathered last week in Doha, Qatar eagerly (if grimly) cited Typhoon Bopha, which had just wreaked carnage in the Philippines, as the latest proof.

But it’s not. The link between extreme weather and global warming has as much scientific basis as the pagan rite of human sacrifice to ensure a good harvest.

There is no long term trends in “extreme weather” having gotten worse. In fact, in some cases, extreme weather has gotten better. More is available at Watts Up With That? Suffice to say, Warmists are being their typical barking moonbat selves. And still haven’t given up their own fossil fueled vehicles, much less reduced their own fossil fuels usage.

Extremes are a natural part of our climate, which constantly changes and is rarely stable for extended periods. In fact, weather extremes are the “old normal,” not a “new normal,” as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon proclaimed in Qatar.

Why can’t so many rational, well-educated people understand this simple fact? The answer may be superstition.

I’d ditch that talk about “rational, well-educated”, as most who are believers in “climate change” have no interest in doing research themselves to determine the reality, and, when one throws around the phrase “climate change”, they aren’t interested in science, they’re interested in politics.

Climate-change skeptics might be regarded as modern-day witches because they think that global warming comes from natural forces. However, it’s superstitious alarmists, who believe that extreme weather originates in our CO2 emissions and who have a dread of impending disaster, who are really the witches.

They may have a dread, but, until they act like it’s a crisis and make changes in their own lives, there’s little reason to believe it is a crisis. And, let’s be clear, the debate is not about warming: the Earth has warmed a few degrees since the end of the Little Ice Age. The debate is about causation.

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