Good Grief: Cold Weather Events More Likely Cause “Climate Change”

These people are simply nuts

(The Hill) Global warming may be contributing to the “polar vortex” causing frigid temperatures across most of the nation on Monday, according to some climate change researchers.

While it seems counter-intuitive, the research argues that plunging temperatures could come from changes in the jet stream caused by climate change.

Rutgers University climate scientist Jennifer A Francis has released a number of papers about changes in the jet stream brought about by warming Arctic temperatures.

Her conclusions suggest that warming Arctic air caused by greenhouse gas emissions has caused changing to the jet stream that is pushing colder Arctic air further south, causing temperatures to plunge from the High Plains to the Deep South.

Except it’s winter in the Arctic and … why bother explaining any sort of science, facts, and reality to Warmists, they aren’t interested in it in the least.

She said the strange weather is becoming more likely because of climate change.

“We can’t say that these are extremes are because of climate change but we can say that this kind of pattern is becoming more likely because of climate change,” Francis said.

There you have it: people driving fossil fueled vehicles are making it more likely that the nation will see massive cold fronts more often. And some wonder why Skeptics refer to Warmists as members of a doomsday cult. They perform climate astrology on a constant basis. Cold used to be caused by cold, now cold is caused by warmth. Ridiculous.

Ms. Francis is not the only moonbat yammering on about a link to “climate change”. There are numerous articles with Warmists desperately attempting to link the “polar vortex” to mankind’s release of greenhouse gases. I featured a few Monday. The Wire think it’s ironic that fossil fuels production is shut down to to the cold weather. Many are trotting out the same mule fritters line about warmth causing a dip in the jet stream. Because cold weather never happened before.

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