Amnesty Will Create Millions More Democrats; the GOP Wants This?

Not a shred of tangible evidence exists to support the widely made claim that if the GOP supports a broad amnesty, they’ll gain Hispanic voters. Nevertheless, the mainstream media, Congress and the ethnic identity lobby insist that the Republican Party is doomed if it doesn’t immediately jump on the amnesty bandwagon.

The reverse is true. Hispanics are a natural Democratic constituency. According to Census Bureau data, of U.S.-born Hispanic households that have children, 50 percent are headed by unmarried women (compared to 29 percent of U.S.-born whites), 40 percent use one or more major welfare program (U.S.-born whites: 19 percent) and 45 percent have no federal income-tax liability (U.S.-born whites: 29 percent).

Simply stated, Hispanics are a natural, big government, liberal constituency. Consider Puerto Ricans living in the United States who are American citizens and for whom immigration is a tangential issue. In Florida, 83 percent of Puerto Rican voters backed Obama and helped deliver the state’s 29 electoral votes.

The New York Times analyzed November exit poll data and found that even if Mitt Romney had more than doubled double his Hispanic vote total in certain swing states, he still would have lost the general election by a wide margin. The Times recommended that any Republican hoping to win the 2016 White House based solely on Hispanic outreach should reconsider his priorities.

In conclusion, any targeted Republican effort to appeal exclusively to Hispanics as a specific voting bloc at the expense of other voters, namely white, middle class Americans, is doomed. While amnesty may be great for those on the receiving end, it’s costly for the taxpayers who have to fund it.

As grim a picture as exit polling painted for Republicans, a recent Pew Hispanic Center report found that the more Hispanic immigrants admitted, the more Democratic voters created. To most readers, the Pew report’s logical conclusion comes as no surprise. Yet, even the most basic and painfully obvious fact that immigrants are natural Democrats has, based on their recent clueless amnesty cheerleading, eluded Republicans.

Pew wrote that U.S.-born children of Hispanic immigrants regardless of their country of origin or their ethnicity are more likely than their parents to identify themselves as Democrats. As they integrate into American life, second generation Americans maintain strong ties to their Mexican and Asian cultural heritage. By the time they have completed their high school and college educations, they view themselves as liberal and on social issues considerably to the left of their parents. Their liberal leaning extends to gay rights, abortion and immigration. Most tellingly, 83 percent of second generation Americans favor big government.

This bodes poorly for Republicans and their collective futures especially in light of President Obama’s 80 percent voting support from non-white and ethnic voters.

Republicans would be well advised to campaign on fiscal conservatism including frank talk about immigration’s cost. Robert Rector, a Heritage Foundation Senior Research Fellow puts the proposed amnesty’s cost at more than $2.5 trillion over the next two decades. Another ignored immigration topic among Republican candidates is that increasing immigration levels hurts low skilled immigrants already living in the United States and struggling to find jobs that pay a living wage.

If Republicans want to improve their lot at the voting booth, they have a plethora of common sense arguments without foolishly marching in lockstep with Democrats on amnesty.

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