It’s Better to be Hated by Liberals Than Have Their “Help.”

It’s Better to be Hated by Liberals Than Have Their “Help.”

My latest Townhall column is called, It’s Better to be Hated by Liberals Than Have Their “Help.” Here’s an excerpt from the column.

Most liberals are hateful people. As hateful as Nazis. As hateful as KKK members. As hateful as Fred Phelps and his God hates [email protected] wackos, who are, come to think of it, Democrats. Liberals are as much defined by whom they hate as what they believe in.

They hate straight, white males and non-liberal white people in general. They hate Christians. They hate Republicans in general and conservatives in particular. They hate women who don’t tow the feminist line. They hate the wealthy, business owners, bankers and stockbrokers. They hate southerners, gun owners, soldiers and cops. They hate gay Americans and minorities who don’t want liberal help.

The Left is no longer subtle about its hatred. It comes shining through like a beacon on a black night. Liberals hurl abuse at these people, attack them on social media and reward liberals who make the most vicious attacks on those groups.

Yet, over time, liberal complaints have become a badge of honor. In fact, if there aren’t liberals lobbing hate at you, you’re probably doing something wrong.

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