Is “The View” Scanning The Right Wing News “20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media” Lists For New Recruits?

Is “The View” Scanning The Right Wing News “20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media” Lists For New Recruits?

Right Wing News has been doing a 20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media list since 2009.


Over the years, we’ve had a number of notable judges for the contest including Nick Searcy, Jonah Goldberg, Glenn Reynolds, David Limbaugh, and Adam Baldwin among others. Of course, liberals have also done a lot of complaining. My favorite rant was from the folks at Newsweek.

It’s hard to know where to start here. The whole thing feels pretty gross, but a little casual objectification in search of clicks is fine, right? No harm, no foul? (Goldberg tries to play it both ways, saying that his “shame spiral is bottomless.”)

Well, no. It’s great that there’s such a vibrant female presence in the conservative commentariat–Coulter and Malkin in particular have a stature that’s equaled only by the likes of Rush Limbaugh–but by any sensible standard, it’s clear-cut sexism: women trying to compete on the same intellectual playing field as the men being ranked for how sexy they look in their online profile, not how scathingly they dissect Obamacare.

….The failure of the right-wing “values” crowd to decry contests like this is bad for them–it undermines their standing to comment on gender–and, most important, bad for women.

The funniest thing about that liberal article saying the list is “bad for women” is that over the course of a few months, 22,000 readers from Newsweek came over to ogle all the hot conservative women — which is pretty ironic if you think about it (These contests are so sexist and terrible and….wow, Dana Loesch is hot!)

The behind-the-scenes stories I could tell you about this list are EPIC.

One of my favorites was from a friend who made the list. Another woman got mad at her, screamed that she didn’t deserve to be on the list and promised to knock her off of it the next year. Of course, that wasn’t possible since she doesn’t actually do anything in the new media, which made it even funnier.

In case you’re wondering, I do regularly have women asking for tips on making the list, suggesting pictures I should use and generally trying to figure out how to get on it — and that’s not just for ego’s sake. Sure, it’s fun to have all of your friends congratulating you, but there can be career benefits as well. Making the list can and HAS gotten women newspaper articles, radio invites and most importantly, television appearances. I’ve had friends who’ve flat out been told they were invited on a show because a producer saw them on the list.

Of course, you can never prove the list is what’s behind the invites, but let me give you a little taste of the sort of things that happen to women who make it.

“The View” recently decided to search for conservative women to have on the show. WorldNetDaily had an article on some of the women that were screened.

While ABC put out a statement denying rumors that “The View” has selected Nicole Wallace and October Gonzalez as the new hosts replacing Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd, conservatives are bracing for disappointment that the retooled show will offer any meaningful daytime political dissent or discourse.

Wallace is a bestselling author and political analyst for MSNBC and former communications chief for the George W. Bush White House. Gonzalez is the wife of Tony Gonzalez, former NFL tight end. The couple famously posed nude in a public service ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

…Thomas Schmitz, chairman of American Grizzlies United, a group founded to support Sarah Palin in 2010, thinks that selection will neither mean good TV nor better ratings.

“I was a fan of ‘The View’ and so were many in my city of Hollywood, California,” he told WND. “But when everyone on the show basically believes the same thing, it gets boring. I would love to see a real conservative on there, just to watch the real civil discourse take place.”

Who would he prefer?

“I think someone beautiful, and brainy like Dr. Gina Loudon, Ann Marie Murrell or Tammy Bruce would be amazing!” he said of two WND columnists and the radio talker.

…Two of those mentioned as better choices for “The View” were actually prospected by the show. Murrell said she was contacted by “The View” to interview for the host spot, but it never came to fruition. Loudon was interviewed, but declined to say how it went. Many were intrigued at the short list of conservatives being interviewed by “The View.”

…Other grassroots, non-establishment candidates were reportedly considered, as well. Kira Davis, a black conservative and former writing partner of both Murrell and Loudon, also received a call to be interviewed.

“I don’t really think they are looking for a true conservative,” said Davis. “I don’t think they want a minority conservative, either. My guess is that they will ultimately go with an establishment type, like Megan McCain or Nicole Wallace — the kind who don’t run in conservative circles at all, and mostly tow the party line.”

Although I have not confirmed this with either S.E. Cupp or Kayleigh McEnany, I’ve privately been told that The View reached out to both of them as well.

What do all these women who were interviewed have in common?

Well, S.E. Cupp, Kayleigh McEnany, Gina Loudon and Ann-Marie Murrell ALL made the 20 hottest list in 2014. Kira Davis also made the list in 2012.

So, did The View work its way through the 20 Hottest Conservative Women in the New Media list to find a list of right wing women to interview?

Maybe. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it did.

The only way to find out for sure will be if one of these women is chosen by the show and she can talk to the producers and find out.

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