MSNBC is the Most Biased Cable News Network

Whereas the liberal news media takes pride in blasting the so-called “right-wingers”, the recently released The State of the News Media 2013by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalismoffered interesting tidbits.

Interesting observations for this PR agency owner:

  • Liberal-network MSNBC is the most opiniated cable network — with 85% of the network’s coverage defined as “opinion or commentary rather than straight news”. Fox News Channel was closer to a 50/50 distribution.
  • MSNBC spends $240 million producing its news — Fox News spends $820 million according to SNL Kagan.
  • The public is noticing an impact on the content–and is beginning to abandon certain news outlets. Nearly a third (31%) of U.S. adults have deserted a news outlet because it no longer provides the news and information they had grown accustomed to receiving.”


One wonders if media was less biased would the traditional media perhaps be doing better?


Ronn Torossian is CEO of NY based 5wpr.

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