There Are No Oppressed People in America

There Are No Oppressed People in America

There are American women in my Twitter feed who think they are more oppressed than women in Saudi Arabia. I. Can’t. Even.” — John Podhoretz

Never before have so many claimed to be so oppressed and mistreated over so little as Americans in 2017.

We have men who have gotten extraordinarily wealthy and famous playing a game who protest the flag of the nation that put them not just in America’s wealthiest 1%, not just in the global 1%, but in the historical 1% of everyone who has ever lived.

We have pampered college students at expensive private schools having hissy fits because someone they disagree with is allowed to speak at an event on campus they’re not even required to attend.

We’re told Hispanic Americans are oppressed because foreign Latinos who came to this country illegally when they knew the penalty was deportation are not universally being allowed to get away with their crime.

We have feminists who think they’re oppressed because some guy “mansplained” something to them by finally giving his opinion after listening to them blather on for 10 minutes.

We have black Americans who live in bad neighborhoods, think the cops target them because of their race, can’t find a job and are mired in poverty who keep voting for exactly the same government officials to be in charge of their neighborhood. If they’re “oppressed,” they’re active participants in their own oppression.

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