Stop Iran Now: Jay Sekulow

According to: Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law & Justice,: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been a concern for many years — a long-standing Holocaust denier who has called Israel a “fake regime” that “must be wiped off the map.” And now, the fact that Iran is working to develop nuclear weapons simply cannot be ignored.

Iran going nuclear is a danger to America and Israel. Ahmadinejad said that Iran would stand up to growing international pressure over its nuclear program and threatened to “respond to attacks.”: : The man has also threatened to manipulate the price of oil, which would impact worldwide oil prices.

Secretary of Defense Panetta says the U.S. must take whatever action is necessary to stop them, refusing to rule out military action.: : Iran also has one of the worst track records on human rights — and it is long overdue that the United States and the United Nations step up and take whatever action is necessary to stop Iran.

Sign a petition to Stop Iran’s threats against the world at::

Jay Sekulow: is Chief Counsel of ACLJ.

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