Vote For The People’s Choice Award Winner At The 11th Annual Blogger Awards (Sponsored by Right Wing News & at CPAC 2013

As I noted yesterday, I’m putting together the Nominees For The 11th Annual Blogger Awards (Sponsored by Right Wing News & at CPAC 2013.

There is one category, however, that will be voted on by the general public. That’s “The People’s Choice Award.” The voting in that category closes on Friday, March 1 at midnight. The winner will get special linkage at the top of TPNN’s newly designed website, 5 consecutive days of links at Linkiest next week and, of course, the winner will also receive a trophy at CPAC.

Congratulations to all the blogs that are up for an award (You can vote for your favorite here).

Doug Ross
The Foundry
Fire Andrea Mitchell
Jammie Wearing Fools
Jihad Watch
The Mellow Jihadi
Misfit Politics
Nice Deb
Patterico’s Pontifications
Protein Wisdom
The Shark Tank
Sweetness & Light

Once again, you can vote here.

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