Well, Since Guns Are So Bad….

…Is Michael Moore going to give up his armed security guards?

…Can celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks and Lindsay Lohan get rid of their armed bodyguards?

…When will Michael Bloomberg declare that he doesn’t want any armed protection?

…Can Congress fire all its security guards and use the money to pay down the deficit?

…When does the White House become a “gun free zone?”

Oh, but they need protection.

Well, a lot of people need protection, but not everyone has a big enough bank account to hire security or taxpayers to foot the bill. So, when the ordinary man wants to protect his family or the ordinary woman wants to protect herself from bigger, more powerful men, the rich, privileged people want to take their right to have a gun away. When all of the deep-pocketed liberals calling for gun control give up their armed protection, then they can ask us to do the same. That doesn’t mean we’ll agree, but at least they won’t be such hypocrites.

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