Barton’s Short Lived Gift to the DNC

Yesterday, Representative Joe Barton issued an apology, first on behalf of the nation and then of himself and called the recent acceptance of the Obama Administration’s orders for BP to pay $20 billion dollars in order to compensate for damage from the spill a “shakedown”.:  This apology was a horrid utterance by a man who publicly supported a company who has threatened so many futures, ended lives and left the nation with a decade long mess to clean up.

Almost immediately, a fundraising email went out via the Democrat Congressional Committee placing the Republicans in a hot seat over who we are for: The Americans or the Corporations.:  Further, his own seat reaches the highest temperatures as, while he described the treatment recently given to BP by the current Administration a “tragedy”, he is speaking positively toward a culprit company that partners with his largest donor.

Since 1989, it has been the company Anadarko Petroleum giving him: : $56,500 in PAC donations and another $90,000 in individual contributions.:  Hence, while he has risked the future of the Republican Party through his actions, his top funding is safe.: 

Once again, some of our legislators are not keeping their eye on the big picture.:  We are standing in a time where: a newbie President continues to cut into the Constitution. Although some literature websites and copies may state that our document is for the past, it is for the future and is being attacked.:  The: situation at hand itself can bring much up when it comes to the constant: abuse we are seeing from the White House.: 

While the Administration: celebrates a fund for the relief of what is still blackening our shores, the reality is $20 billion dollars in assets and not funds will be given to the Government and segments will be sent in small pieces.:  Further, the fund: has become an incredible diversion to the real picture: The oil is still spilling,: lives are still at risk and families are still in financial: threat.: 

It is not an apology that needs to be done on the right. It is action.:  Nevertheless, the bottom line to this is that our: Republican legislator created another ripple in the water and averted attention to the big present for the Democrats.:  But like all ripples, this one will end quickly and will leave the Democrats in the same place they are now: One of America’s Top Enemies.

Heather Bachman

Former White House Intern and campaign manager, Heather Bachman is an increasingly recognized political strategist and correspondent. It was during her college career that Heather Bachman's life first became political. An outspoken member of the collegiate governance and Human Relations Advisory Board, Heather produced and hosted two political radio programs (first of their kind for the University). One, The Political Hour mirrored the famed FoxNews Hannity and Colmes program and the other The Bachman Group mirrored The McLaughlin Group. Both won her the University's prestigious Rhett Rich Award. Heather served under President George W. Bush as a White House Intern before graduating Monmouth University with Pi Sigma Alpha Honors. She continued her political education and objectives serving under former Congressman J.C. Watts, Senator Sean T. Kean and taking positions in local campaigns from Assembly to Congress to President. Today, Heather is producing the radio program Heather on the Hill which is currently being shopped for a network home but until then can be heard online at Sundays at 10am EST. She says she created them in order to fill a void within the conservative political community as well as society as a whole which, she believes, has affected elections and therefore the nation’s future too many times.

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