The ‘Redneck Obliterator’ – Gun fanatic builds homemade Gatling gun using SIX assault rifles and it’s completely legal [Video]

So cool! And what an incredible bargain the guy got. I’d hate to be on the receiving end of that puppy. Self-defense is an understatement. But, boy… it is impressive, isn’t it? Legal, deadly and a collector’s dream, this baby is uber powerful and can fire 35 to 40 rounds a minute. Gatling guns were first seen in the Civil War. They can sell for up to $75,000 – he got this one for $3,450. He hit the gun jackpot.

This makeshift Gatling gun, created six SKS semi-automatic rifles, has sold for $3,450 at auction.

From the Daily Mail:

Ingenious or incredibly dangerous?

A DIY Gatling gun created using six SKS semi-automatic rifles has been sold for $3,450.

And the homemade uber-weapon – dubbed the ‘Redneck Obliterator’ – is said to be perfectly legal, too.

All that is known about the creator is that he is a ‘bespoke gunsmith’, according to Vocativ.

However the blaster went under the hammer at the Rock Island Auction in Illinois.

Both the seller and the buyer chose to remain anonymous.

However apparently the latter nabbed a bargain.

Gatling guns are considered the first successfully-made machine guns and were created by Richard Gatling.

It used a multi-barrel design that would fire a single round once each rotation, usually operator by a hand-crank.

They were first seen during the American Civil War in 1860s.

Replicas sell for prices starting from about $6,500.

However genuine Gatling guns sell for up to $75,000.

‘I can’t decide if I’m awed, appalled, or a little bit of both,’ Bob Owens, editor of pro-gun website Bearing Arms, told Vocativ.

Ian McCollum, who edits the website Forgotten Weapons, poked fun at the ‘Redneck Obliterator’ – or at least its name.

‘Congrats to the new owner!’ he wrote in a Facebook post Sunday.

‘If you don’t already have an old Chevy pickup to mount it on, you’ll have to go buy one now.’

A tutorial on how to use the Gatling gun was posted to YouTube.

It explains the simplicity of the device, showing how a lever is pushed into place as the group trigger.

As the hand crank is rotatator, the trigger of each individual rifle hits the lever, causing the guns to fire.

Homemade, the ‘Redneck Obliterator’ is absolutely legal. I share Bob Owen’s feelings here. Awe and appall – but in the gun world, this is a gem. I do hope he doesn’t mount it on a Chevy pickup – someone will scream ‘terrorist.’ You just turn the hand crank I guess and fire away. The noise must be deafening. I’ll bet this guy is a collector and is just pleased as punch over his catch. I still think this is incredibly cool. It’s a work of art.

Seen here in a official shot from Rock Island Auction in Illinois, the weapon is still classified as a rifle, according to reports, but is meant to be a ‘collectors item’.

Gatling guns were first seen during the American Civil War in 1860s.

One SKS rifle can fire 35–40 rounds each minute and this weapon has six rifles.

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