3 Year Old Boy Tortured To Death….By His Own Mother

3 Year Old Boy Tortured To Death….By His Own Mother

It would be tempting to ask how a human being could go this far wrong, but we already know the answer, don’t we? Some people are just evil and you put them alone in a house with a defenseless child and they feel empowered to behave like the sadistic monsters they are in their hearts.


A 3-year-old Florida boy is dead after enduring horrific torture including having been burned, beaten and thrown across a room – and, according to authorities, the boy’s 21-year-old mother is to blame.

Ghanson Debrosse was rushed to the Jackson North Medical Center about 3:30 am on Tuesday after his mother, Fafane Caze, called 9-1-1 to report that he wasn’t breathing.
At the hospital, doctors determined that the 3-year-old boy had been dead for several hours.

…’She didn’t shed a tear,’ Neal Cuevas, a major with the Miami Police Department, told the Miami Herald. ‘She cared more about getting arrested than she did about her son.’

According to her arrest report, Caze ‘used a lighter to burn the victim’s genital area, in an attempt to stop the victim from urinating on the floor.’

On Wednesday, Detective Alonzo Rhymer testified that the boy also had burns on his face and fingers, as well as buckle-shaped scars all over his body. The imprint left by the buckle, he said, was a match for the buckle Caze wore as part of her uniform for her job as a security guard, which left multiple scars and open wounds.

‘Some were fresh, some were old,’ Rhymer testified.

Detectives also say that Caze beat the boy with a broom handle when he defecated on himself. The broom handle was found broken in Caze’s home.

Caze admitted to authorities that she threw the boy across a room and into a table. Afterwards, the toddler gasped for air and asked for water as he struggled to breathe.

It was only after the boy had stopped breathing completely that Caze called 9-1-1.

In his report, a North Miami detective wrote that in the past Caze had ‘refused to seek medical attention to treat the victim’s injuries, instead concocting a remedy of vegetable oil and laundry blue to treat the victim’s wounds.’

…In one case, Caze was holding baby Ghanson as she had a physical altercation with his father, Donald Debrosse. According to the DCF report, Caze attempted to throw the then-infant at Debrosse.

This woman wasn’t just someone who saw her child as an object; she saw him as an object that SHE DISLIKED. What a monster. What a sad existence that poor child must have had in his all too brief life.

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