Alleged pedophile ‘caught in the act’ meets swift street justice

Alleged pedophile ‘caught in the act’ meets swift street justice

A mother was having a birthday party for her five year old, but noticed her six year old daughter wasn’t present. What she found was shocking! It was a man with his pants down, abusing the girl in another room. The alleged faced swift and painful street justice.

alleged caught in act

The mother of the five-year-old birthday girl went looking for her other daughter, who is six, because she couldn’t find her at the party.

She reportedly found her daughter being abused by a man in one of the house’s rooms. The man had his trousers down, the video states.

The video is graphic, violent, and I believe the man deserved it. Be warned and don’t watch it if you’re weary.

Frank Lea

Frank Lea

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