BREAKING: Active Shooter in San Diego

BREAKING: Active Shooter in San Diego

A phone call was received by a San Diego hospital earlier today, warning them of an active shooter inside the building with the possibility of more to arrive. This is what we have learned so far…


From USAToday:

Law enforcement teams with dogs converged on Building One at the medical complex, the official said. They continue to search the building and have recovered three unspent rounds of ammunition.

The call matched another report of a patient seen with a weapon, according to the official, who was not authorized to speak publicly. All personnel were ordered to shelter in place as police responded to the scene. A child care center was also locked down and traffic diverted from the complex.

A similar report of an active shooter that turned out to be false came at the same naval hospital in January.

Officials also scoured buildings and grounds with dogs in January but found no evidence of a gunman or shots having been fired.

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Prayers of safety going out to all the innocent victims involved…

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