Grandma RESCUES Child From Sex Offender…What tipped her off?! [VIDEO]

by Warner Todd Huston | July 30, 2016 4:33 pm

A grandmother in Cleveland, Ohio is being hailed as a hero after seeing a strange man driving around with a girl in his car who was completely covered by a large blanket. The woman wondered if she was witnessing an abduction and called police. Turns out the woman was 100% right!

Christine Thornton reported to police that she saw a 46 year-old, registered sex offender driving to his home with a 17 year-old girl hidden by the blanket in his car. When the man got to his home the two occupants of the car rushed inside, but Christine Thornton chased them down[1] and wasn’t to be denied her answers as to just what was going on….

Thornton is seen on home security cameras marching down the street to the man’s house where she said she asked questions to both the man and the child under the blanket.

‘I came and I hollered, “Ay, you’re a kid, I can see you. Ay, that’s a kid?”‘ she told WJW as she recalled the encounter.

She said the man and the girl rushed inside the home.

‘I started to go kick the door in but I said no, I better not,’ Thornton told the station.

The great-grandmother then called police and the sheriff’s department who found the 17-year-old girl inside the home.

They took the man, who has not been named until he is charged, into custody.

Police said the girl, who lives on the city’s northeast side, claimed she met the man months ago downtown and that they were never intimate, according to WJW.

Meanwhile, her mother told officers she was not aware of any of this. Authorities are now investigating how the man knew the teen and why she was with him.

Kudos to Christine Thornton for stopping a sexual predator in his tracks.

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