Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son says he was ‘betrayed’ by family after testifying against his father who sexually abused him

It was appalling to find out that there were people who turned a blind eye to Jerry Sandusky’s molestation of kids at Penn State. Unfortunately, it goes even deeper than that because some members of Sandusky’s family are STILL making excuses for that monster.


Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son has spoken about his life with the serial child molester and prominent Penn State football coach in a new documentary.
Matt Sandusky speaks about his ordeal and emotional decision to testify against his own father in Happy Valley, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday.

…If people thought of [head coach] Joe Paterno as god, Jerry was like Jesus. They were to me the two most powerful people. They could do whatever they wanted, they could do no wrong. according to the LA Times.

He also says that he feels ‘betrayed’ by the entire Sandusky family after he took the decision to testify against his father.

But he maintains that he refused to be a ‘coward’ and risked everything to turn against those who had brought him up.

Matt says he took part in the documentary ‘to empower other survivors’ and that he hopes to one day become an advocate for such victims.

The 100-minute film, which premiered on Sunday at the annual Salt Lake City movie jamboree, explores whether it was an open secret that Sandusky – who was convicted of 45 of 48 sexual abuse charges – was molesting boys over the course of his career.

Matt revealed he had suffered seven years of molestation at the hands of his adoptive father – between the ages of eight and 15 – in 2012 after years of denying any abuse, including to a grand jury.

…Sandusky had been listed as a defense witness at his father’s 2012 trial, but he instead disclosed through lawyers that he had also been abused and didn’t take the stand.

He said that finally telling his story was about ‘righting wrongs’, with his confession bringing much more integrity to the testimonies of the child victims.

…It is also allowed the supporters and family members who had backed Sandusky throughout the case a different perspective.

Jerry Sandusky, convicted on 45 counts involving 10 boys, maintains his innocence and is appealing his conviction.

He is serving a 30- to 60-year prison term.

Being molested is bad enough, but having your OWN ADOPTED FAMILY side with a convicted child molester over you must be devastating. Jerry Sandusky was an evil man, not just for what he did to those children, but for the way he convinced so many people to make excuses for his evil behavior.

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