Knockout Game Targets Disabled Army Vet

After years of brutal attacks, the media briefly acknowledged the nationwide phenomenon of Polar Bear Hunting, also known as the Knockout Game. Its unpleasant duty officially fulfilled, it can now go back to polishing Obama’s shoes and convincing cretins that cold weather is caused by global warming. Meanwhile, the streets continue to be unsafe for those of disfavored race – even for disabled Army veterans like Matthew Robinson, who was assaulted and robbed by six to eight feral youths after getting off the RTA Healthline in Cleveland:

During the attack, the teens made several derogatory remarks about Robinson.

“What they were saying was, ‘Knock that boy out!’ ‘White boy.’ ‘Cracker,’” he was quoted as saying about the incident. “They were saying, ‘Knock that white boy out.’”

This week, three suspects — Kenneth Matthews, Ronald Reid Williams and an unnamed 16-year-old girl — were arrested by Cleveland and RTA police. The latter filmed the attack with her cell phone, and was said to still have the video at the time of her apprehension.

If they hadn’t caught her, the video would have been posted to YouTube or her Facebook page, no doubt inspiring misspelled grunts of approval from other “teens.”

Despite the arrests, concern remains as other attacks of a similar nature have happened in the area, most of which are said to have been perpetrated by other young culprits, according to WOIO.

If you don’t know what they mean by “of a similar nature,” suffice it to say that the pale of pigmentation are advised to avoid the vicinity of Sixth Street and Euclid Avenue, which is only a couple of blocks from Cleveland Public Square.

Added Robinson of the danger, “Your mother or sister could be on the bus, and the same thing could happen to them.”

Bystanders reportedly refused to help him. A sadder statement on what this recently proud country is deteriorating into would be difficult to imagine.

Expect Obama to proclaim that if his white half had a son, he would look like Matthew Robinson, right after Eric Holder opens a hate crime investigation.

Matthew Robinson, via the Black Sphere.

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